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Covid Safe Bookings - Select your range booking form at the bottom of the page

You will be delighted to know that we are now reopening our club. It won't be the same as before and there are some things you need to know to help us stay open and enjoy shooting safely.


At this stage we are inviting full and probationary members with the following restrictions

The club is open to existing Full & Probationary Members and they may shoot with any club equipment including guns, mats, jackets, slings, gloves and scopes etc. Please continue to use the disposable ear plugs or your own ear defenders.

  1. Please wash hands especially before and after using shooting gloves

  2. Wipe down guns, slings, scopes etc

Targets, pellets and ammunition will be availalable for sale. . All members must be booked in advance via our booking system, if you know of a member that is not on email / internet it would be great if you could reach out to them and book on their behalf - we want to be as inclusive as possible.


Range Space

We have increased the number of people allowed on the range as at 19th July 2021 as restrictions across the country eased

  • 5 in the firearms range

  • 3 in the old section of the air range firing points 1, 3 and 5

  • 3 in the new air range spaced as currently laid out

  • 2 range officers in clubroom



  • Please book your slot in advance, we will let the RO know who is coming, no "walk in's" allowed.

  • If you are a key holder you will be able to book slots outside of normal opening times, we encourage you to do this and free up space for other members that need an RO to open up for them, you will be sent your own special booking form via email.

  • You can book up to 10 days in advance, and must book in at the latest the day before your visit (we reserve the right to amend bookings if it looks like some members are unable to get a slot.)



  • Face masks are mandatory in the club room areas. You must provide your own face masks.

  • Please regularly wash / sanitise hands and wipe down surfaces, maintain the 1m+ guidance and signage in the club. 

  • Do not attend if you or someone in your household has symptoms of covid.

  • Please register your attendance on the NHS app with the QR code in the club

  • If you become ill within 14 days of your visit you must contact the secretary via

Payments - We want to eliminate the cash our RO's have to handle and count.

  • Range fees for all full member categories are waived until further notice (e.g. Juniors)

  • Targets are also free and available to help yourself in the range (they are not available to take away!)

  • Ammunition will be available to purchase with payments to be made by contactless payment (chip and pin is also available). 

  • If you are only able to pay with cash we will accept correct change only, no change will be given.

If you have any difficulty or need more information please contact us.

Next internal ARPC review 5th August

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