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Range Improvements

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

The past few weeks have been busy even though we have been closed. We're excited about getting back to our range and inviting you all to return. Basic improvements have been made to keep us all safe including launching a new contactless payment system.

You will also see some activity in the coming weeks as we look to increase the air gun range capacity, we will be converting the unused space at the far end of the range into a second range as well as creating a dedicated 25 yard air gun lane for anyone than can see that far. That will give us 8 x 10m firing points and a new 25 yard lane! Watch this space for more updates!

Range layout design below (not to scale!), existing air range is to the left with the entrance from the club room shown. Plenty of work to be done, runs to the tip, new walls, relocating target changers, lightng, new fire door, levelling the floor, walls, ceilings, insulation, painting, it will all be going on including squeezing a bit more space out of the current firing point. The first step will be to get the walls in place, the work can carry on in the new area with minimal disruption. If you're bored of lockdown and think you can help with any of those jobs then drop us a line on or use the contact us form on the website.

The work commenced, the committee ear marked money for the range build and immediately members answered the call to action, unloading a lot of wood for our walls and then spending the weekend errecting the three walls required, for now the electric changers are out of action, the walls will be faced with steel plate and have balistic material hung over them before the target changers can be replaced (that will mean some exercise for shooters changing targets for a week or so!)

If you look carefully you can see the long tunnel to the right hand side of the range being prepared for our first long range 20 yard air rifle lane! and on the other side a corridoor leading to what will be our new range. There's plenty left to do so if you want to get involved contact a member of the committee to find out how.

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